As an accomplished artist, graphic designer, certified full-stack developer, and certified InfoMapper in technical, process, and policy writing, I am a versatile professional with a diverse skill set. My expertise extends to usability and user-centric design, training development and facilitation, social media and marketing, and event planning.

With a successful track record of freelance work since 2018, I have excelled in web development, graphic design, event management, and marketing. My ability to create visually appealing designs, customize websites to enhance online presence, and implement effective marketing strategies has helped numerous clients establish strong brand identities and achieve their business goals.

With extensive experience in usability analysis, I established testing protocols and initiatives and identified areas for automation. I maximized the adoption of reference tools throughout the organization, significantly enhancing efficiency and functionality.

My educational background includes a Full-Stack Developer certification from UC Davis and coursework in Business Administration at American River College.

I have received various scholarships and awards throughout my career, including the GitLab Commit Scholarship and the Verizon Achievement Award for Software Update Process Remodel.

I possess a comprehensive skill set encompassing programming languages, software, databases, and various tools relevant to my roles. Additionally, my soft skills as a project manager, product expert, and policy/process specialist contribute to my ability to deliver high-quality results and creative solutions for my clients and employers.

Overall, I am a skilled and adaptable professional with expertise in multiple areas, allowing me to bring a unique blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and strategic thinking to any project or organization. 


FREELANCE WORK 2018 - Present Web Developer, Graphic Design, Event Management, Marketing | As a freelance worker, my main areas of expertise include website development,  graphic design (logo, presentations, marketing materials, custom artwork), event management(planning, marketing, promotions, logistics support), content creation (social media, marketing, technical) and marketing (business campaigns, promotions, events,). Throughout my freelance career, I have been actively involved in helping clients enhance their online presence through tailored website customization and creating unique logos to represent their brands effectively. Additionally, I have assisted in the planning and execution of various technical events by providing on-site support and coordinating logistics. Furthermore, I have contributed to the success of special events by implementing marketing strategies to generate awareness and attract attendees. My versatile skill set and experience in these areas allow me to deliver high-quality services and support to clients in need of creative solutions.   
FIREFLY LOUNGE 2022 - 2023Responsible for the design and management of the Firefly Lounge website. Additionally, I handled social media marketing, where I created daily content and managed advertising accounts. I also took charge of creating marketing materials for events and promotions held at the lounge. In addition to these tasks, I provided assistance with the operation of the kitchen and helped with special event planning. Moreover, I collaborated with breweries and liquor distributors to organize and host tastings at the lounge. 
JANIE AND JACK   2021 - 2022Assistant Manager | Oversaw the daily operations of a boutique specializing in children's clothing, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. Implemented effective merchandising strategies to showcase the store's distinctive lifestyle brand. Supported and guided the sales team, driving them toward achieving monthly sales targets. Regularly communicated feedback to leadership regarding sales performance and store functionality to optimize operations. 
THE RIDE BY GOLZ UPCYCLE 2015 - 2019Owner / Manager  | Responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities of a Bicycle/Skate retail shop. This encompassed various aspects such as managing the staff, overseeing purchasing, handling merchandising, conducting marketing initiatives, managing accounting tasks, and ensuring exceptional customer service. Additionally, I efficiently organized and hosted significant events catered to the bicycle/scooter community and initiated charity drives in the Sacramento area. Another crucial aspect of my role was managing the pro-ride team and overseeing the shop's social media accounts. I also forged partnerships with manufacturers and distributors, establishing mutually beneficial relationships that encompassed joint marketing efforts, collaborative social media campaigns, and event branding. 

VERIZON 2004 - 2015 Consultant/Project Manager  | HQ Go To Market Device Team | Responsible for overseeing the entire lifecycle of devices, from their initial launch to their end of life. This encompassed various tasks such as conducting device and network testing, preparing technical documentation, ensuring timely software updates, and providing internal training. I collaborated closely with  OEMs, platform providers, and network teams to address any issues discovered during testing, ensuring a seamless user experience.  Additionally, I took charge of managing large-scale product launches, ensuring all aspects were meticulously coordinated for a successful rollout. I also played a key role in creating both internal and external product content and troubleshooting materials, facilitating smooth operations and efficient issue resolution. Developed and delivered training for device testing, software updates, and department processes. One of my notable achievements was leading a project focused on improving device software updates. Through this initiative, we streamlined processes and identified cost-saving measures, resulting in an estimated annual savings of approximately $12 million. Overall, my responsibilities encompassed comprehensive device management, quality assurance, project leadership, and cost optimization, contributing to the success of the organization's product offerings. 
Consultant/Project Manager | HQ Knowledge Management & Tech  |  Orchestrated and executed high-impact company-wide projects, ensuring successful completion within budget and timeline. Designed and implemented a cutting-edge internal user interface automation system, delivering contextualized content and generating an annual cost savings of $25 million. Led the automation of technical support processes and account management, streamlining operations for both internal and external stakeholders. Served as the project coordinator for the iLog implementation, collaborating with cross-functional teams from IBM, contractors, internal IT, marketing, and customer service. Communicated project updates and milestones to key stakeholders, ensuring alignment and fostering a collaborative work environment. Conducted post-project evaluations to assess outcomes, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices for future projects. Developed and delivered training for the tool contextualization process. 
Usability Analyst | HQ Knowledge Management & Tech | Established and oversaw usability testing protocols and initiatives across the entire organization for the internal reference system. Identified areas within systems and processes that could be improved through automation, filling critical gaps in functionality. Developed comprehensive testing scripts and use cases to ensure a thorough evaluation of system performance. Led a project aimed at maximizing the adoption of reference tools throughout the company. Innovated by designing and implementing an automated user-guided solution utilizing the Business Rule Engine (IBM - iLog) in conjunction with existing systems such as billing and network infrastructure. Developed and delivered training for process mapping, usability testing, call center conversations, and content rewriting of policies and processes. Assisted in onsite conversion of call centers after purchase of Alltell Cellular which included training and assessment of existing leadership. 
Project Coordinator | CS Process & Policy  | Managed workflow of large content migration/rewrite for internal policies, procedures, and troubleshooting system. Worked on cross-functional teams (IT, Marketing, Customer Service) to create a company-wide training on new content reference tools created. Assisted in large-scale launches of reference tools used internally. Developed and delivered training content rewriting of policies and processes. Managed billing inquiries submitted by cs reps determining if it was an actual system or network issue and working with the IT or network team to ensure resolution. 
Support Rep | Financial Services Support Team | Managed workflow and special projects for the Financial Support team. Created the rep training and manual for the Payment Research and Credit Balance Refund Team.   Oversaw the conversation process for team technology projects such as a workflow tracker and fax server. Developed and delivered training for payment research and refund process.  
Collections Rep |CS Finance | Worked as a contact center representative making collection calls. Worked on special projects for process improvement to correct issues in policies in conflict with changing Federal regulations. 

ASSOCIATED SOUND 2000 - 2001Admin Assistant | Managed front desk, email, and phones for the entire company.  Assisted with Accounts receivable processed all customers' invoices, logged customer payments, and handled past-due accounts. Helped with general customer questions related to sound equipment, including rental counter customers. 


Programming Languages:  Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML/HTML5, CSS, XML, jQuery/Ajax, SQL, MySQL,  JSON, FlashSoftwareGoogle Suite - Docs, Sheets, Slides; MS Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, SharePoint; REACT, REACT Native, REST, Git (GitHub, Bash) Angular, Handlebars, node.js, .Net, Database (MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Datawarehouse) Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Visual Basics, Visual Studio, IBM Lombardi, IBM iLog, Adobe, Slack, Visio, Click Editor, Social Media Business Tools (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn), WordPress, Website Builders  Soft Skills:  Project Manager, Product Management, Policy/Process Expertise, Project/Software Documentation, Technical Writing, Info Mapping, Systems Training, Implementation, Business Analysts, Tool Contextualization (system integrations), UI / UX Design, Usability, Software Life Cycle Expert, Data Mining and Data Warehouse experience, Marketing, Social Media Expert


  • UC Davis - Full-Stack Developer
  • CSU Sacramento - Art History
  • AMERICAN RIVER COLLEGE - Business Administration


  • Intel AI scholarship
  • GitLab Commit Scholarship
  • O’Reilly AI and Machine Learning Scholarship
  • Verizon Achievement Award for Software Update Process Remodel